Wednesday 22 December 2010

Episode 2

Digging further into the Canterbury archives...

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1. Caravan — "If I Could Do It All Over Again, I'd Do It All Over You" (from If I Could Do It All Over Again, I'd Do It All Over You, 1970)

2. Matching Mole — "No 'Alf Measures" (from Robert Wyatt's Flotsam Jetsam compilation, released 1994)

3. Egg — "Enneagram" (from The Civil Surface, 1974)

4. The Boot Lagoon — "Le Apperail Doux" (downloadable from

5. Soft Machine — "Thank You Pierre Lunaire" → "Have You Ever Bean Green?" → "As Long as He Lies Perfectly Still" → jam (live at The Paradiso, Amsterdam 1969-03-29)

6. Cecil Taylor — "Rick Kick Shaw" (from Jazz Advance, 1956)

7. Soft Machine — "Disorganisation" → "We Did It Again" (live at Middle Earth, London autumn 1967)

8. Kevin Ayers — "Irreversible Neural Damage"/"Invitation"/"The One Chance Dance"/"Dr. Dream Theme" (from The Confessions of Dr. Dream and Other Stories, 1974)

9. Caravan — "For Richard" (live at Fairfield Halls, Croydon, 1974)

10. Kevin Ayers (feat. Bridget St. John) — "The Oyster and the Flying Fish" (from Shooting at the Moon, 1970)

11. Lady June's Linguistic Leprosy — "Optimism" (from Lady June's Linguistic Leprosy, 1974)

12. Hugh Hopper — "Oyster Perpetual" (from Hopper Tunity Box, 1977)

13. National Health — "Brujo" (from National Health, 1977)

14. Planet Gong — "Opium For the People" (from Floating Anarchy '77)

15. Daevid Allen interview (origin unknown)

16. Centipede — "Septober Energy Part 1" (excerpt) (from Septober Energy, 1974)

17. Hatfield and the North — "Amsterdamage" (live Amsterdam 1974-11-19)

18. Daevid Allen (feat. Robert Wyatt) — "Memories" (from Banana Moon, 1971)

19. Ultramarine (feat. Robert Wyatt) — "Kingdom" (from United Kingdoms EP, 1993)

20. Rachel Unthank and the Winterset — "The Sea Song" (from The Bairns, 2007)

21. Robert Wyatt — "The Sea Song" (from Rock Bottom, 1974)

22. Robert Wyatt, Ros Stephen and Gilad Atzmon — "What a Wonderful World" (from For the Ghosts Within, 2010)

23. Gong — "Eat That Phonebook Coda" (from Angel's Egg, 1973)

[voiceover ambience: Gong — "The Octave Doctors & The Crystal Machine" (from Flying Teapot, 1973)]

Errata/clarifications: I may have claimed that it was Nico singing backing vocals with Kevin Ayers on "The Oyster and the Flying Fish", whereas it was in fact Bridget St. John.


Blogger M said...

Is there a way to subscribe to the podcast (i.e. an iTunes compatible rss feed)?

4 January 2011 at 05:06  
Blogger M said...

Ignore me! Found it!

4 January 2011 at 05:08  
Blogger Unknown said...

As with the last episode, thoroughly enjoyable and possibly not long enough! Presumably the odd crackle during your voiceovers was the sound of your wood burner at full tilt?

Delighted to have discovered Robert Wyatt's 'The Sea Song' and the live Caravan - both incredible.

Catch you soon xxx

8 January 2011 at 11:53  
Blogger sean said...

Hey man,
While listening to this podcast I was reading this:

I am fascinated. I understand you have interest in ancient places as well. This sort of dig site seems to throw the orthodoxy about the past to the wind.
"We do not know how a force large enough to construct, augment, and maintain such a substantial complex was mobilized and rewarded or fed in the conditions of pre-Neolithic society."

18 November 2011 at 20:46  

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