Thursday 10 November 2011

Episode 13

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1. Miller/Coxhill — "One For You" (from Coxhill/Miller, 1974)

2. Syd Arthur — "Ode to the Summer" (7" vinyl single, 2011)

3. Soft Machine — "Save Yourself" → "Lullaby Letter" (live on the Guy Béart Show, French TV, recorded October 1967, broadcast 1968-08-25)

4. Robert Wyatt — "Sea Song" (from BBC TV documentary Free Will and Testament, 2003)

5. Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Big Band — "A- That's Freedom" (from Live at the Village Vanguard, 1967)

6. Working Week (feat. Robert Wyatt and Tracy Thorn) — "Venceremos (We Will Win)" (12" single, 1984)

7. Robert Wyatt — "Out of Season" (from Shleep, 1997)

8. Soupsongs (feat. Cristina Donà) — "Maryan" (live at the Frankfurt Jazz Festival 2008-10-31)

9. Comicoperando — "Alliance" (live in Modena, Italy, 2010-03-01)

10. Comicoperando (feat. Richard Sinclair) — "O Caroline" (live in Modena, Italy, 2010-03-01)

11. Henry Cow — "Gretel's Tale" (from Western Culture, 1978)

12. National Health — "Portrait of a Shrinking Man" [excerpt] (from D.S. Al Coda, 1982)

13. Elton Dean's Newsense — improvisation [excerpt] (live at the Berlin Jazz Festival, 1997-11-07)

14. The Wrong Object — "Platform One" (from Platform One, 2007)

15. Robert Wyatt — "Foreign Accents" (from Cuckooland, 2003)

16. The Zappatistas — "King Kong" (live at the Frankfurt Jazz Festival, 2003-10-03)

17. Phil Miller/In Cahoots — "5's and 7's" (from Conspiracy Theories 2006)

18. Penguin Cafe Orchestra — "Heartwind" (from Broadcasting From Home, 1984)

19. The Orchestra That Fell to Earth (a.k.a. The Anteaters) — "Tropic of Cancer" (live in Annie and Jennifer's back garden, Thanet, 2009)

20. Disassembler — "Reggaeton" (from What Is, 2010)

21. Robert Wyatt — "Stay Tuned" (from Comicopera, 2007)

22. Gong — "Radio Gnome Invisible" (from Flying Teapot, 1973)

23. Kevin Ayers — "Dreaming Doctor" (from What More Can I Say — private demo recording from early 70s, released 2009)

24. Caravan — "Hello Hello" (from If I Could Do It All Over Again..., 1970)

25. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury — thoughts on the "Robin Hood Tax" (from BBC interview, 2011-11-02)

26. Gong — "Givin' My Luv To You" (from Angel's Egg, 1973)

27. Neil — "Golf Girl" [excerpt] (from Neil's Heavy Concept Album, 1984)

[voiceover ambience: National Health — "Elephants" (from National Health, 1977)]

Errata/clarifications: When giving a hint to Annie about the piece from D.S. Al Coda, I told her it was "1980, possibly 1979", whereas it was in fact recorded in October 1981 (thanks, Erkki!). Not quite so long ago.

[Robert Wyatt, from a 1997 interview about the making of Shleep:]
"Annie Whitehead came in for one afternoon, and stayed the weekend to work on her trombone parts. She's wonderful because she listens. She's not thinking " can I do my own thing?", so much as "how can I help this song?", and her ears are extraordinary acute. She herself feels quite self conscious about the trombone — in that she's always saying: "put it down, I can hear it, I can still hear it, put it down" [in the mix]. But I love the sound of her trombone. I think it's got a really warm human sound, and I can't think of anybody else, even among the most famous trombonists, who could have actually helped the voice, and accompanied the voice so sympathetically as Annie did — on trombone."


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D.S. Al Coda was recorded in October 1981.

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