Wednesday 15 June 2011

Episode 8

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1. Gong — "Master Builder" (from You, 1974) [including excerpt from LastFM inteview with Steve Hillage, 2008]

2. Arzachel (Uriel) — "Metempsychosis" (from Arzachel, 1969)

3. excerpt from LastFM inteview with Steve Hillage, 2008

4. Khan — "Hollow Stone" [excerpt] (fromSpace Shanty, 1972)

5. Egg — "Wring Out the Ground (Loosely Now)" [excerpt] (from The Civil Surface, 1974)

6. excerpt from BBC Kent TV interview with Steve Hillage, 2009

7. Hatfield and the North — "Underdub" (from The Rotters' Club, 1975)

8. Kevin Ayers — "Shouting in a Bucket Blues" (from Bananamour, 1973)

9. Ozric Tentacles — "Aumriff" (from Live Ethereal Cereal cassette release, 1986)

10. Ozric Tentacles — "Akasha" (from Spirals in Hyperspace, 2004)

11. Gong — "I Never Glid Before" (live on French TV programme Rockenstock, 1973-09-18)

12. Steve Hillage — "Four Ever Rainbow" (from Rainbow Dome Musick, 1979)

13. The Orb — "A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules from the Centre of the Ultraworld" [excerpt] (from The Orb's Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld, 1991)

14. Gong — "Digital Girl" (from 2032, 2009)

15. excerpt from BBC Kent TV interview with Steve Hillage, 2009

16. Caravan — "Where but for Caravan Would I?" (from Caravan, 1968)

17. Steve Hillage — "Astral Meadows" (from "Aftaglid" suite, Fish Rising, 1975)

18. The Spacegoats — "Wild Wee Folk" (from Tribadelica cassette compilation, 1996)

19. The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet (UK) — "Om Mane Padme Hum" (live at The Wise Crone Cafe, Glastonbury Festival, 1993-06-24)

20. Soft Machine — "Bone" (from Fifth, 1972)

21. Robert Wyatt — "September the Ninth" (from BBC4 TV documentary Free Will and Testament, 2003)

23. Penguin Cafe Orchestra — "In the Back of a Taxi" (from Broadcasting from Home, 1984)

24. Zzebra — "Spanish Fly" (from Zzebra, 1974)

25. Glenn Gould — Shostakovich, Piano Quintet in G minor, op.57, movement V (further details unknown)

26. Soft Machine — "I Should've Known" (from Jet-Propelled Photographs, recorded 1967)

27. Matching Mole — "No 'Alf Measures" (from March, recorded live, March 1972, released 2002)

28. The-Quartet — "Lonely Woman" (live at The Ballroom, Canterbury, 2011-05-28)

29. excerpt from LastFM inteview with Steve Hillage, 2008

30. Steve Hillage — "Fish" (from Fish Rising, 1975)

[voiceover ambience: Steve Hillage — "Leylines to Glassdom" (from Green, 1978)]

Errata/clarifications: I claimed that Rainbow Dome Musick came out "around the same time" as Eno's Music for Airports. In fact it came out the following year.

[click on 'YouTube' icon for full screen view, etc.]

From Robert Wyatt's "My Top Ten", Let It Rock magazine, January 1975:

"2. Next bit I've chosen is the 'Piano Quintet' by Shostakovich. The string quartet part of this quintet, as far as I remember — as it's some years since I've heard it — play bowed muted strings; a very haunting sound. I like the idea of a string quartet anyway; in fact I enjoy the idea of a string quartet more than I enjoy a lot of string quartet music. In this case, perhaps, I liked it because the cello is often used rather in the way the double bass is used in jazz — i.e. not bowed but plucked; relatively simple rhythmically, as far as I remember. It's an incredibly melodic piece, which you must admit is a great achievement for someone who is, after all, only a brainwashed communist."

Andy Letcher's review of Gong live in Oxford, 2009

Ætherial-voiced former Spacegoat Stella Homewood has a new album out, co-produced by Stella and Zegg Spacegoat. It's called Ordinary Day, and well worth checking out if you're into the psychedelic folk thing.


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