Friday 9 September 2011

Episode 11

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1. Caravan — "Place of My Own" (live, Strasbourg, 1972-12-05)

2. Kevin Ayers and The Wizards of Twiddly — "Am I Really Marcel?" (live at Waterman's Arts Centre, Brentford, 1995-03-10, from Turn The Lights Down, 2000)

3. Hugh Hopper and Richard Sinclair — "Long Lingers Autumn Time" (from Somewhere in France, recorded 1993, released 1996)

4. Robert Wyatt — "Lisp Service" (from Dondestan, 1991)

5. Lindsay Cooper and Maud Bauer — "Kromhout 2 Cyl. 80 Pk." (from Canaille, 1988 — compilation album recorded live at International Women's Festival of Improvised Music, Zürich, October 1986) [Jenny Woolworth's blog entry about this]

6. Bullion — Bullion's Canterbury Mix (2011)
Hatfield and The North — "Aigrette" / "Intellectual Exercise" intro; Hatfield and The North — "Shaving Is Boring"; Hatfield and The North — "The Other Stubbs Effect" / "Captain Spillage" interlude (Daevid Allen); Steve Hillage — "Octave Doctors"; Lady June — "Everythingsnothing"; Caravan — "Be All Right"; Caravan — "Memory Lain, Hugh"; Matching Mole — "Instant Pussy"; Robert Wyatt — "Gharbzadegi"; Gong — "Radio Gnome Prediction" (Intro) / "And You Tried So Hard"; Gong — "Flying Teapot"'; Gong — "Pot Head Pixies"; Robert Wyatt — "Age Of Self"; Fred Frith — "Carnival On Wall St" / "Being Defined" Interlude; John Greaves — "Salt"; Gong — "Shamal"; Robert Wyatt — "Stalin Wasn't Stallin'"'; Caravan — "No Back Stage Pass"; Robert Wyatt — "To Carla Marsha And Caroline" / "Jolly Clever" interlude (Mike Ratledge, Kevin Ayers); Soft Machine — "Have You Ever Bean Green?" / "Pataphysical Introduction pt.1"; Kevin Ayers — "Goodnight Goodnight"

7. Delivery — "One For You" → "Big Jobs no. 2" → "Finesse Is For Fairies" → "All Day Forever" → "Nan's True Hole" → "Shaving Is Boring "→ "God Song" (live at the Tower of London moat, 1972-07-21)

8. Caravan — "The Love in Your Eye" (from French TV programme Rockenstock, 1972-12-08)

9. Daevid Allen — "The Switch Doctor" (tape collage created 1966, broadcast 1968, released on The Death of Rock and Other Entrances, 1984)

10. The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet (UK) — "Clarence In Wonderland" (live at the Wise Crone Cafe, Glastonbury Festival, 1993-06-24)

11. Kevin Ayers and The Wizards of Twiddly — "See You Later" → "Didn't Feel Lonely Til I Thought of You" (live at Waterman's Arts Centre, Brentford, 1995-03-10, from Turn The Lights Down, 2000)

12. Soft Machine — "Kings and Queens" (from Fourth, 1971)

13. Syd Arthur — "Mystic Mole" (digital bonus track with preorders of the Moving World EP, 2011)

14. The Oyster Band (feat. June Tabor) — "Dives and Lazarus" (from Freedom and Rain, 1990)

15. Kevin Ayers — "The Teddy Bears Picnic" (live in Newcastle, 2003-06-11)

[voiceover ambience: Caravan — "Reprise" (from If I Could Do It All Over Again, I'd Do It All Over You, 1970)]

As mentioned during the programme, the haiku competition has been extended for another lunar cycle (get your haiku in by 2011-10-12!). For more details, and to see the current list of entries, check the bottom of the Episode 10 blog entry.

[presumably reproduced from the Radio Times, 1968]

A radio collage
based on material
written and assembled

In this free-flowing treatment of poems, conversation, snatches of music and electronic sounds, Mr. Allen has constructed a radiophonic work in the borderland between literature and music. It takes its place alongside other recent experimental programmes, including Crook and Souster's Seasons through the Day of a Town by the Sea and Rosemary Tonk's [sic] Sono-Montage, but ultimately it should perhaps be listened to more in the spirit of a piece of music, such as John Cage's Fontana Mix.

+ Introduced by GEORGE MACBETH
followed by an interlude at 10.55


Blogger Alex Lippisch said...

Matthew, I really really enjoy your programs!!! Thanks so much for doing all this work for the love of the music. I have been a Canterbury fan for many years and you have tracks I've never heard before. How do you find these gems?
I have photos I've taken of gigs here in the USA. Lots of Daevid Allen at different times. Would you like to post them to the blog?
Thanks again!!!!

11 September 2011 at 16:49  

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