Sunday 28 October 2012

Episode 25

a tribute to Lol Coxhill (1934—2012) and Steven Miller (1943—1998)

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1. Delivery — "Is It Really The Same" (from Fools Meeting, 1970)

2. Lol Coxhill — "Piccadilly With Goofs" (from Ear of the Beholder, 1971)

3. Kevin Ayers — "Shooting at the Moon" (from Shooting at the Moon, 1970)

4. Caravan — "Songs and Signs" (from Waterloo Lily, 1972)

5. Steve Miller and Lol Coxhill — "Chocolate Field" (from Coxhill/Miller/Miller/Coxhill, 1973)

6. Gong — "Tropical Fish" → "Selene" (from Camembert Electrique, 1971)

7. Hugh Hopper — "Miniluv Reprise" (from 1984, 1973)

8. Lindsay Cooper — "Horse Waltz" (from The Golddiggers soundtrack, 1982)

9. Steve Miller — "G Song" (from "The Story So Far..."/"...Oh Really?", 1974)

10. Fred Frith and Lol Coxhill — "Limoges 2" (recorded Limoges, France in October 1978, from French Gigs, 1983)

11. Caravan — "Any Advance on Carpet" (outtake, recorded 1972-03-01, released on The World Is Yours, 2010)

12. Delivery [proto-Hatfield] — "Betty (You Pays Your Money, You Takes Your Chances)" (recorded live at Playhouse Theatre, London, 1972-11-23)

13. Clear Frame (feat. Robert Wyatt on cornet) — "High Rate" (from Clear Frame, 2007)

14. Lob (feat. Lol Coxhill) — "04S-14 S-110-095" (from Geography, 2002)

15. Lol Coxhill (feat. Robert Wyatt, Kevin Ayers, David Bedford, et al.) — "A Collective Improvisation" (from Ear of the Beholder, 1971)

16. Kevin Ayers — "Reinhardt and Geraldine" (BBC session for Alan Black Show, 1970-05-20)

17. Robert Wyatt — "Was a Friend" [Pmff remix] (remixed 1997, from eps, released 1999)

18. Banco de Gaia — "Harvey and the Old Ones" (from The Magical Sounds of Banco de Gaia, 1999)

19. Loop Guru — "Bangdad" (from Duniya, 1994)

20. Loop Guru — "Gianyar" [excerpts] (from Amrita (...All These And The Japanese Soup Warriors), 1995)

21. Terry Riley — unknown piece (live somewhere in the 1970s)

22. Lol Coxhill — "Oh, DO I Like to Be Beside the Seaside?" (from "The Story So Far..."/"...Oh Really?", 1974)

23. Tim Blake — "Last Ride of the Boogie Child" (from Crystal Machine, 1977, recorded live at Seasalter Free Festival 1976-06-21)

24. Soft Machine — "We Did It Again" (recorded at Middle Earth, London 1967-09-16, from Middle Earth Masters, released 2006)

25. System 7 — live at Boom Festival, 2010-08-25

26. System 7 — interview (Glade Festival 2012)

27. Steve Miller — "God Song" (recorded live Nijmegen, Holland, 1972-10-21)

28. Speakers Corner Quartet — "Afro" (recorded live in a woodland location near Canterbury, 2012-10-07)

28. Lol Coxhill — "A Series of Superbly Played Mellotron Codas" (from Heart of the Beholder, 1971)

[voiceover ambience: Lol Coxhill — "Maggots" (from Miller/Coxhill/Coxhil/Miller, 1973)]

Errata/clarifications: Steven Miller died December 9th, 1998. I said The Whole World was Lol Coxhill's first outing into the world of rock music, completely overlooking Delivery, with whom I started the programme...d'oh! "Was a Friend" is indeed from Robert Wyatt's 1997 Shleep album. Banco de Gaia is Toby Marks. I forgot to mention that Pye Hastings played (very unusual) guitar on Hopper's "Miniluv Reprise", another Coxhill—Caravan crossover. I also failed to mention a number of other notable and innovative projects Lol was involved in, e.g. Brotherhood of Breath, AMM, Dedication Orchestra and Welfare State.

The Delivery piece "Betty" features just Roy Babbington on bass. Richard Sinclair supplied vocals at that gig, but not on that track. Coxhill and Babbington left soon after and Sinclair took over on bass, resulting in that proto-Hatfield lineup who played at The Tower of London in July '72 (see Episode 11).

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