Wednesday 1 August 2012

Episode 22

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1. Kevin Ayers and the Whole World — poetic introduction → "Why Are We Sleeping?" (live at Taverne d'Olympia, Paris, May 1970)

2. Daevid Allen Trio (Quartet) — "Ya Sunne Wot" (from 1963, live at the Marquee Club, London, 1963-06-03)

3. Tim Munton — "Soundwave Lullaby" [© Tim Munton 2012*] (recorded specially for this episode)

4. Soft Machine — "Poem for Hoppy" (live at the UFO club, London, 1967-06-02)

5. Soft Machine — "She's Gone" (alternate demo version, recorded June 1967, from Triple Echo compilation, 1977)

6. Lady June — "Elastic Ice" (French Restaurant, Deya, Mallorca, 1978)

7. Caravan — "Magic Man" (from Caravan, 1968)

8. Soft Machine — "Fred the Fish" (unreleased single, recorded January 1967)

9. Kim Fowley — "The Trip" (single, 1965)

10. Robert Wyatt — "Little Red Robin Hood Hit the Road" (from Rock Bottom, 1974)

11. Ivor Cutler — "The Anti-Empiricist" (date and origin unknown)

12. Planet Gong — "Allez Ali Baba Black-Sheep Have You Any Bull Shit: Mama Maya Mantram" (from Floating Anarchy Live 1977, 1978)

13. Gilli Smyth — Fire Poem/A Sea Poem/excerpt from The Book of Taliesin (French Restaurant, Deya, Mallorca, 1978)

14. Robert Graves — "To Juan at the Winter Solstice" (date and origin unknown)

15. Soft Machine — "The Moon in June" (from Third, 1970)

16. Lady June — "Anne Onymouse" (French Restaurant, Deya, Mallorca, 1978)

17. Robert Wyatt — "Las Vegas Tango (part one)" [excerpt] (from The End of an Ear, 1970)

18. Robert Wyatt — "Catholic Architecture" (from Dondestan Revisited, 1998)

19. Syd Barrett [feat. Ratledge, Hopper and Wyatt] — "Clowns and Jugglers" (from Opel, recorded 1968—69, released 1988)

20. Daevid Allen — poem (French Restaurant, Deya, Mallorca, 1978)

21. Tim Munton with Luke Smith [and James Ross] — "The Comet's Tale" [ Tim Munton and Luke Smith 2012*] (from forthcoming album, recorded live at Orange Street Music Club, Canterbury, 2008-10-29)

22. Smallfilms soundtrack montage (theme from Pogles' Wood/ragtime mice from Bagpuss/incidental music and sound effects from The Clangers, 1965—74)

23. Egg — "Wind Quartet II" (from The Civil Surface, 1974)

24. Kevin Ayers [with Bedford, Wyatt, Oldfield, Coxhill] — "The Garden of Love" (live at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, September 1970)

25. Gong — "Yoni Poem" (from 2032, 2009)

26. Lady June — "In-Famous" (French Restaurant, Deya, Mallorca, 1978)

27. Sigmatropic (feat. Robert Wyatt) — "Intro" (from Sixteen Haiku and Other Stories, 2004)

28. Robert Wyatt — "Pigs...In There?" (from Artists For Animals compilation, 1986)

29. Ivor Cutler [feat. Fred Frith] — "I Got No Common Sense" (from Velvet Donkey, 1975)

[voiceover ambience: Egg — "Wind Quartet I" (from The Civil Surface, 1974)]

*Any use of this material, in any form, must receive full and specific permission from the author. Tim would be please to hear from you at

Errata/clarifications: Tim mentioned a track on Gilli Smyth's Fairy Tales album featuring parts of the Book of Taliesin, but he was mistaken — the track is on her Mother album (1978). Also, I'm starting to wonder if Robert Wyatt was still at Simon Langton Grammar School in June 1963 (he, and possibly Hopper, may have left at age 16...does anyone know?). I wrongly stated that Pip Pyle was from Maidstone (he was born in Hertfordshire), but I'm quite sure that he lived there with Pam Howard, the mother of Robert Wyatt's son...again, does anyone know? I said that Daevid and Gilli met in Paris in "1967 or '68", whereas they in fact met in 1964.



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