Sunday 7 August 2011

Episode 10

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1. Kevin Ayers — "Oleh Oleh Bandu Bandong" (from Joy of a Toy, 1969)

2. Six North — "The Enneagram" (from Prayer, 2003)

3. Caravan — "It Doesn't Take A Lot" (outtake from In the Land of Grey and Pink recording sessions, December 1970)

4. douBt (feat. Richard Sinclair) — "Over Birkerot" (live in Japan, 2010)

5. Robert Wyatt — "Chairman Mao" (from Re Records Quarterly Vol.2 No.2, 1987)

6. Matching Mole — "Marchides" (from Matching Mole's Little Red Record, 1972)

7. Robert Wyatt — "Opium Wars" (from Radio Experiment, 2009, recorded in Rome, February 1981)

8. Slapp Happy — "Haiku" (from Casablanca Moon, 1974)

9. Hugh Hopper and Alan Gowen — "Two Rainbows Daily" (from Two Rainbows Daily, 1980)

10. Gilgamesh — "Playtime" (from Another Fine Tune You've Got Me Into, 1978)

11. National Health — "Flanagan's People" (from Playtime, recorded live 1979-04-27)

12. Gong — "Isle of Everywhere" (from You, 1974)

13. Manuel Göttsching, Steve Hillage, Elliot Sharpe and Zhang Shouwang — "Echo Waves" (live at Metamorphose festival, Japan, 2010-09-04)

14. Acid Mothers Gong — "HoHoHo! (Avahoot Klaxon's Acidological Report)" [excerpt] (from Live in Nagoya, 2006)

15. Clammbon — "As Long As He Lies Perfectly Still" (from Japanese TV, 2002?)

16. Soft Machine — "As Long as He Lies Perfectly Still" (from Volume 2, 1969)

17. Humi (Hugh Hopper and Yumi Hara Calkwell) — "The Shape of a Haze" (Club Integral, London 2007-11-01)

18. Fred Frith — "Selluloid Restaurant" (from Step Across the Border documentary, 1990)

19. Haco — "After Dinner" (from Step Across the Border documentary, 1990)

20. Caravan — "Winter Wine" (recorded for Beat Club, German TV, 1971-07-24)

21. Gong — "Outer Temple" (from Angels Egg, 1973)

22. Soft Machine — "Mousetrap" → "Noisette" → "Backwards" → "Mousetrap (reprise)" (from Breda Reactor, recorded live in Breda, Holland 1970-01-31, released 2005)

23. The Boot Lagoon — "Businessman" (from forthcoming EP, 2011)

24. Delta Sleep — "The Stamp" (from Delta Sleep EP, 2011)

25. Cyann & Ben — "Alifib" (live in Ground Zero record shop, Paris, September 2006)

26. Hatfield and the North — "Blane Over the Low Countries" [end] → "Drowning" (reprise) → "Goodbye For Now" (from Hattitude (1973-75), released 2005)

27. Slapp Happy — "Haiku" (from Live in Japan — May 2000)

[voiceover ambience: Matching Mole — "Instant Kitten" (from Matching Mole, 1972)]

errata and clarifications:

Alex Maguire wasn't part of the 1990 Hatfield reunion (Sophia Domancich played keyboards for that). He was part of the 2005 reunion. I should have mentioned that "The Enneagram" by SixNorth appears to be unrelated to Egg's "Enneagram". I also feel that I should have mentioned "Jean and Mary" who were responsible for the vocals on "Oleh Oleh Bandu Bandong". I wonder who they were and where they are now (the thankyou list on the sleeve notes thanks "Jean and Mary who had to sing in Malay — which is a fair achievement for two Scots girls.")

Canterbury Soundwaves 2011 Haiku competition!

Haiku syllable structure is 5-7-5. Entries should have a Canterbury music theme. The prize is three tracks of your choice to be broadcast on a future episode. Just submit your entry (and an email address) via the comment box below.

Here are my entries, to get you started (and so that I win by default if no one enters!):

Whirr of run-out groove,
side two of Soft Machine's
Put the kettle on!

Richard Sinclair's bass
with cousin Dave's organ sound
Timeless perfection

Entries submitted as of 2011-08-16:

Alan Gowen's synth
with Dave Stewart's mad organ
that's keyboard heaven

[Errki, Estonia]

my flat in Herne Bay
listening to
Rock Bottom
Peter vomited

[Andrew Nicol, Grimsby, UK]

Triple Echo set
my first discs of Soft Machine
Been hooked ever since

[Ted, Cleveland, OH, USA]

the Kevin Ayers scene
the South of France, plush velvet
aback! aback! (-ah)

[Mark E. Smith, Salford] (thanks to Sir Robert Bunkum for pointing this one out!)

These three just in, too late to get mentioned in Episode 11, in which the Haiku competition is extended for another month [so get your haiku in by October full moon (2011-10-12)!]:

Swelling moon means we
meander down St Dunstans
No nostalgia trip

Chaucer leads us south
and east to where the music
spirals heavenwards

Pothead Pixies know
Octave Doctors softly glow
Would you like some tea?

[Andy Letcher, Oxford, UK]

And this from a pseudonym'd author (a sly reference to the great Edo period haiku poet Bashō) in the Canterbury area:

Blue sky through plum tree
Hammock swings, earphones on. Bliss!
No birdsong...just Gong

["Hashō", Oare, Kent, September 2011]


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