Monday 4 June 2012

Episode 20

a tribute to Elton Dean (1945—2006)

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1. Caravan — "Summertime" (live [rehearsal?] in Canterbury, 1970, from Canterburied Sounds, Vol. 2, released 1998)

2. Soft Machine — "Slightly All The Time" (from Third, 1970)

3. Bluesology — "Since I Found You Baby" [excerpt] (single, 1967)

4. Elton Dean interview excerpt (unknown documentary)

5. Soft Machine — "Hibou Anemone and Bear" [cut] (live Paris late November 1969, from Backwards, released 2002)

6. Elton Dean interview excerpt (1970 documentary)

7. Kevin Ayers — "Stop This Train (Again Doing It)" (BBC Radio One session, recorded 1970-02-10)

8. Keith Tippett Group — "Dedicated to You But You Weren't Listening" (from Dedicated to You But You Weren't Listening, 1971)

9. Elton Dean Quintet — "Fast News" (from Boundaries, 1980)

10. Princess Flower and the Moon Rays (feat. Daevid Allen) — "Between Spirits" (from Dreaming the Magic of Your Maya, 1967)

11. Daevid Allen — "Parody of the Hippy Singer" (French TV, March 1968)

12. Gong Family Gliss Orchestra — drone jam excerpt (Gong Family UnConvention, The Melkweg, Amsterdam, 2006-11-03)

13. Pip Pyle's Equip'Out — "Rumblestiltskin" (live in Montreuil, France, 1995-04-14, from Instants, released 2004)

14. Delivery (proto-Hatfield: Sinclair/Miller/Miller/Pyle/Coxhill/Babbington) — "Bossa No Chance" → "Big Jobs" (live at Playhouse Theatre, London, 1972-11-23)

15. National Health — "I Feel A Night Coming On" (from D.S. Al Coda, 1982)

16. Elton Dean's Newsense — improvisation (Berlin Jazz Fest 1997-11-07)

17. Elton Dean's Ninesense — "Seven For Lee" (from Happy Daze, 1978)

18. Elton Dean interview excerpt (unknown documentary)

19. Soft Machine — "Kings and Queens" (live Bremen, 1971-03-23, from Virtually, released 1998)

20. Soft Machine — "As If" → "Dark Swing" → "Intropigling" → "Pigling Bland" (live Berlin, 1971-11-07, released 2008)

21. Elton Dean interview excerpt (unknown documentary)

22. Elton Dean (with Mark Hewins) — "He Who Dares" (recorded 1988 or '89, from Two's and Three's, 1995)

23. Evan Parker and Matt Wright — "Trance Maps" improvisation (Veg Box Cafe, Canterbury, 2012-01-12)

24. Soft Heap — "Tunnel Vision" → "Nutty Dread" (from A Veritable Centaur, recorded live in Bresse-Sur-Grosne, France, March 1982)

25. John Greaves (feat. Robert Wyatt) — "Gegenstand" (from Songs, 1995)

26. Elton Dean — "Biting Fear" (recorded at Mark Hewins' studio, Margate, Kent, 2006)

27. Hopper, Dean, Tippett, Gallivan — "Seven Drones" (live, Oslo, October 1976, released on Cruel But Fair, 1977)

28. Kevin Ayers — "Guru Banana" (from Sweet Deceiver, 1975) [voiceover ambience: Soft Machine — "Esther's Nose Job" (live Paris late November 1969, from Backwards, released 2002)]

Errata/clarifications: It's been pointed out that Amsterdam's Melkweg is no mere coffeeshop, but rather a large arts centre. Sorry!

Elton's last composition — photo courtesy of Mark Hewins


Blogger Rob said...

A big thank you for these podcasts. I'm working my way through all of them. It's great to hear such a range of Canterbury related music intelligently sequenced and commented on...
Great work.
A couple of things that might make it to another ep, if you're up to it, are Daevid's University of Errors, particularly 'Jet Propelled Photographs CD, and the electronica band Ultramarine who's 'United Kingdoms' CD features Robert Wyatt, Jimmy Hastings and a version of 'Signed Curtain'.
Anyway thanks again.

24 June 2012 at 05:43  
Blogger Rob said...

Errata: That should be Instant Kitten not Signed Curtain!

24 June 2012 at 05:56  

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