Tuesday 22 January 2013

Episode 28

the final episode: a day out with Daevid Allen in the Canterbury area!

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1. Daevid Allen and Euterpe — "Wise Man In Your Heart" (from Good Morning, 1976)

2. Daevid Allen Trio — "Love Is a Careless Sea" (from Live 1963, recorded at the Marquee Club, London, 1963-06-03)

3. Daevid Allen — "Madame Zero" (poem read in the chapel of Our Lady of the Undercroft, Canterbury Cathedral crypt, 2012-09-11)

4. Robert Wyatt — spoken excerpt (from "The Voices of Robert Wyatt", BBC radio documentary, 2012)

5. Soft Machine — "A Certain Kind" (from The Soft Machine, 1968)

6. The Magick Brothers — "Garden Song" (live at St. Mary's Arts Centre, Sandwich, 2012-09-21)

7. Gong — "Voix Lactée" → "Outer Vision" → "Inner Vision" (from Live on TV 1990, recorded Central TV studios, Nottingham 1990-04-24, released 1993)

8. Luke Smith and The Feelings — "Canterbury Girls" [excerpts] (live at the Cherry Tree, Canterbury, 2012-10-03)

9. Beggars Farm — "You Forever" [excerpt] (from With Brian Hopper, recorded 1969 or '70, Coach and Horses pub, Whitstable, Kent, released 1997)

10. Spirogyra — "Cogwheels, Crutches and Cyanide" (from St. Radigunds, 1971)

11. Khan — "The Cobalt Sequence" → "March of the Sine Squadrons" (from Space Shanty, 1972)

12. Steve Hillage Band — "Salmon Song" (live at University of Kent, Canterbury, 1979-02-28)

13. Daevid Allen and Nicoletta Stephanz — "Unriddle Me This" (from Live @ The Knit NYC, 2004, recorded at The Knitting Factory, New York, date unknown)

14. Gong — "Isle of Everywhere" [excerpt] (from You, 1974)

15. Caravan — "Feelin' Reelin' Squealin'" (from Green Bottles For Marjorie, recorded at BBC studios, London, 1968-12-31)

16. University of Errors — "Feelin' Reelin' Squealin'" (from Jet-Propelled Photographs, 2004)

17. Gong — "I Am Your Pussy" [excerpt] (live on French TV programme Rockenstock, 1973-09-18)

18. Gong — "Tropical Fish" → "Selene" (live at New Morning, Paris, 2012-10-15)

19. Robert Graves — "To Juan at the Winter Solstice" (origin unknown)

20. Soft Machine — "As Long As He Lies Perfectly Still" (from Volume Two, 1969)

21. The Wilde Flowers — "Parchman Farm" (from the 1994 The Wilde Flowers compilation, recorded 1965-03-16)

22. Soft Machine — "Memories" (from Jet-Propelled Photographs, recorded April 1967, released 1976)

23. Daevid Allen — "Stoned-Innocent Frankenstein...And His Adventures in the Land of Flip" [brief excerpt] (from Banana Moon, 1971)

24. Gong — "The Pot Head Pixies" (from Flying Teapot, 1973)

25. Robert Wyatt (feat. Ivor Cutler) — "Little Red Robin Hood Hit the Road" (from Rock Bottom, 1974)

26. Gong — "Inner Temple" [brief excerpt] (from Live, etc., 1977, recorded at BBC studios, London, 1974-01-15)

27. Duke Ellington — "Madam Zzaj" → "Ballet of the Flying Saucers" (from A Drum Is A Woman, 1956)

28. Thelonius Monk — "Brilliant Corners" (from Brilliant Corners, 1957)

29. Sonny Rollins — "Way Out West" (from Way Out West, 1957)

30. Daevid Allen Trio — "The Song of the Jazzman" [excerpt] (from Live 1963, recorded at the Marquee Club, London, 1963-06-03)

31. Robert Wyatt — spoken excerpt (from "The Voices of Robert Wyatt", BBC radio documentary, 2012)

32. Terry Riley — "In C" [excerpt] (from In C, 1964)

33. Arlet — "Medway Services" (live at Stepping Stones, Maidstone, Kent, 2013-01-18)

34. Daevid Allen — "Yum Yum Tree" (sung unaccompanied in Rev. Beverage's car while driving around Sturry, near Canterbury, 2012-09-11)

35. Soft Machine — "Dedicated to You But You Weren't Listening" (from The Peel Sessions, 1991, recorded at BBC studios 1971-06-01)

36. Acid Mothers Gong — "Bellyful of Telephone/Why Do?" (from Live in Nagoya, 2006, recorded Tokuzo, Nagoya, Japan, 2003-04-09)

37. Gong — "Magick Mother Invocation" → "Master Builder" (live at Canterbury Fayre, Mount Ephraim Gardens, Kent, 2000-07-30)

38. Gong — "Occupy" (live at New Morning, Paris, 2012-10-15)

39. Brainville — "Hope For Happiness" (from Live In The UK, 2004, recorded at The Lanterns, Ashburton, Devon 1998-06-18)

40. Gong — "Isle of Everywhere" [excerpt] (live at Lounge on the Farm festival, 2009-07-10)

41. Gong — "You Never Blow Yr Trip Forever" (from You, 1974)

42. Kevin Ayers — "Joy of a Toy Continued" (from Joy of a Toy, 1969)

[voiceover ambience: Daevid Allen and Euterpe — "Wise Man In Your Heart" (from Good Morning, 1976)]

clarifications/errata: I mistakenly gave the name of Duke Ellington's "Ballet of the Flying Saucers" as "Flying Saucer Ballet". The French TV recording of Gong which Daevid mentioned over lunch appears to have been autumn 1973 rather than 1974.

Daevid Allen — Love Is A Careless Sea

Stewy's Robert Wyatt stencils



Not the one Daevid and I encountered, but another impressive tag by Canterbury graffitista Eliza/Elisa/ELISR/ELIZR/LISR

Another in the Wincheap roundabout subway – lovely flow


An early piece(?) on the Causeway bridge

Gong Live on TV 1990 (1)
Gong Live on TV 1990 (2)
Gong Live on TV 1990 (3)

Ernie Henry (sax player on Brilliant Corners)


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