Monday 25 March 2013

new podcast: Canterbury Sans Frontières

Today sees the launch of my new podcast, Canterbury Sans Frontières. As with Canterbury Soundwaves, a new three-hour episode will be released with each full moon.

I decided to wind down Canterbury Soundwaves so that I didn't end up (i) repeating myself, (ii) scraping the bottom of the Canterbury barrel, or (iii) becoming increasingly tangential.

This new podcast broadens the musical remit, so it'll be about one-third 'Canterbury sound', together with progressive/psychedelic/experimental music from the Canterbury of today, the remainder being a mix of music from various times and places which I feel to be in a similar spirit of creative adventurousness. I'll be doing a lot less talking, and the programme will be less expository – so no interviews, barely-listenable bootlegs, etc.

I also plan to include guest one-hour mixes from various musicians from the current music scene in Canterbury (Episode 2 will feature a mix from Neil Sullivan from Lapis Lazuli). This episode, however, is dedicated to Kevin Ayers who passed away less than two weeks after the final episode of Canterbury Soundwaves went out, so there's an hour of his finest work embedded in the middle of the programme:

Canterbury Sans Frontières: Episode 1


p.s. Those of you who use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter: any help spreading the word about this series would be greatly appreciated...thanks!


Blogger Annabel Arts said...

Great News but hang on a mo...I've only listened up to Episode 10 of Canterbury Soundwaves so far. That's my Easter sorted if you want me to try and catch up. I thought I already had and knew all the obscurities like Lady June's Linguistic Leprosy, Dashiell Hedayat's Obsolete etc but there's loads here that's fresh and new for the most hardened Canterburyphile. Well done Matthew - a superb series. Keep up the good work and we will spread the word...Adrian Annabel

30 March 2013 at 10:42  

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